I love the idea that this pub has the power to control meteorology.

Honestly, you put on a bouncy castle at the weekend and suddenly you think you’re playing God.

This all-round wonderfully amateurish effort is laminated, which obviously makes it all the more terrifying. Lamination renders a grammatical or lexicographical cock-up final and irreversible. And unfortunately, much like guns, laser pens and children, laminators are all too often falling into the wrong hands. I’m sure we’re all in agreement  it’s time for some kind of government policy.

Another thing I loved about this sign when I discovered it in a pub in Sale, Manchester, is the way it accidentally suggests there is a ‘pub sale’.  And it’s an inflatable pub you can bounce around on like a big loon. I’d buy it.

SOLD to the smug pedant in the far corner!