Indelible spelling and grammar errors always make me laugh. We’ve seen previous examples on headstones and plaques and this got me thinking.

What’s the worst possible situation for poor spelling and grammar?

Ladies and Gentlemen, your answer:

It's not the cards your delt in life...

Its not the cards your delt in life...

Wow! That’s a pretty shitty card to be “delt”.  Want to see some more pictures of misspelt tattoos?

Me too.

Let’s start with this fool. Do you think the phrase he hears most in life is “no you’re not”?

I'm awsome

I'm awsome

Next up, we have a classic example of a rebel without a clue.

Fuck the systsem!

Fuck the systsem!

This a real tragedy.


And finally, the CNN website was the source of this story from 1999 about Joseph Beahm, then 21, who paid $100 for this mess.

Why not? Everyone elese is.

Why not? Everyone elese does.