Back with a Bang! (but no bullets)

Posted by Gez on 28th March, 2013

That seems like an awfully small niche.


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Brimful of Error’s

Posted by Tom on 11th September, 2010

Here’s a cracker sent in by Kat Harbourne.

Sandwich's And Soft Drink's

Actual plurals are often tricky to get right, so why bother? Just stick to the single form and use an apostrophe – that’ll be fine. However, in this example, at least the apostrophe abuse is consistent in its application. As Kat points out, it’s the classic Capitalisation Of Every Single Word Just Because It’s A Sign that irritates.

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You’re getting married to a horse?

Posted by Gez on 15th June, 2010

To avoid embarrassment and accidentally insulting the blushing bride to be, it is important to understand the difference between bridal and bridle.


He should be careful, I hear she kicks like a mule.

Also, writing the whole invitation in inconsistent Title Case makes it hard to read. I particularly hate the following “sentence”.

And put, Aprils Name on it.

Shall we count the errors together? Fragment, unnecessary capitalisation, unnecessary comma, missing possessive apostrophe; I make that four errors in six words. Not bad!

Thanks to Alison for pointing this photo out to us. For more wedding-related fun, have a rummage around

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4th June, 2010

The Daily Mail is corrupting our children!

What would Diana say? Daily Mail: Apostrophe Fail, originally uploaded by Clive Andrews. Do they not know that the misuse of apostrophes may lead to cancer? While I'm bashing that horrid rag, I'd ...

29th May, 2010

All part of the servis

It's always a delight when an establishment is unswervingly dedicated to getting things wrong. Further to a previous post about rampant quotation mark abuse at a Nottingham furniture shop, GrammarBlog's Nottingham correspondent Samantha Moran has spotted another case of WRONG at the very same shop....

  • Posted by Paddy
21st May, 2010

Undeniably indelible

Seen on the ever brilliant Failblog. My finding of this picture (yep, that was a gerund correctly preceded by the genitive pronoun, thanks ...

  • Posted by Gez
7th May, 2010

Indefinate Delay

Indefinate, originally uploaded by ...

  • Posted by Gez

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